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Stevie Starr Swallows and Then Regurgitates Things in the Most Amazing Way

Stevie Star, The Regurgitator

Stevie Starr

August 2018: New Official Website and Social Media Accounts

Stevie Starr, "The Regurgitator," has an official website, and new social media accounts:





About "The Regurgitator"

I first saw "The Regurgitator," Stevie Starr, on a rerun of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2005, and I decided I needed to make a fan site for him.

Stevie Starr is amazing. I have no idea how he does it and I couldn't find out any more information in a google search.

He swallows live goldfish, pool balls, numbered coins, even dry sugar, and manages to bring them back up in order, on command (and in the case of the sugar, completely dry!). Check out "The Act" for more info.

I highly recommend hiring him.

(To book Stevie you can contact his management via his website,

Stevie Starr on America's Got Talent, 2015

Congratulations to Stevie Starr for coming in fourth place in the America's Got Talent finals on September 16, 2015! He put on an amazing show in the finals and in the stages leading up to them.

You can see all his shows here:



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