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Stevie Starr, The Regurgitator's Act: What Does He Do (How Does He Do It)?

Stevie Starr, The Regurgitator swallowing a pool ball

A Pool Ball

A man with a Scottish accent greets an eager crowd. He holds up a light bulb, pops it into his mouth, and swallows it whole. The stunned silence turns into deafening applause.

This is the beginning of the most astonishing act you will ever see. You can watch a nice clip (4.4mb) from

A bizarre phenomenon in the world of showbiz, this ginger-haired, slightly built thirty-four-year-old baffles his audiences by swallowing a variety of items and then bringing them up again, not only dry and clean, order.

"Just tell me when you'd like some smoke," says Stevie, smoking a cigarette, "Would you like all or half of it? Or how about putting it in a soap bubble?"

Next to disappear down Stevie's throat is a miniature Rubik's Cube. When he returns it—surprise—it has been solved.

Then Stevie swallows a bowlfull of dry sugar and a glass of water. A minute later he and brings the sugar back bone dry. Next he swallows a gentleman's ring followed by a locked padlock and the key. A cough later, and he has returned them with the ring locked inside the padlock!

Maybe the stunned audience would like a card trick (swallowed, of course)? But first Stevie swallows two live goldfish, only to return them unharmed at the end of the show (having drunk enough water to keep them swimming happily inside).

For television shows Stevie can swallow numbered coins and return whichever number the audience requests: From one to ten he produces the correct coin every time!

Stevie Starr's regurgitation show is a rare distinction and a delight to all ages.

Note: This text was taken (and edited) with permission, from Stevie Starr's official site.


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