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Stevie Starr, The Regurgitator: How Does He Do It?

Stevie Star, The Regurgitator lighting a butane bubble


No one really knows how he does it.

Stevie Starr spent the first eighteen years of his life in a children's home in Glasgow. It was there that he discovered his very special talent.

"I think I was about four when I started swallowing my pocket money," says Stevie. "And then I tried other things, like going out into the garden and swallowing a bumble bee and then bringing him back and letting him fly away."

Stevie Starr repeated this stunt many years later on his second appearance on the American TV show That's Incredible.

Stevie has been wowing audiences for most of his 34 years.

He has been on numerous TV shows since his career started in earnest. He has also performed live at hundreds of venues including college campuses.

Note: This text was taken (and edited) with permission, from Stevie Starr's official site.


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